4 wedding accessories you'll want

A lot of couples that we've been meeting with lately are working with bright and punchy palettes for their wedding day. I love the emphasis that this puts on the wedding being a celebration... and all of the fun & chic party ideas that come along with it. Leave it up to BHLDN to be a trend setter for some of our picks (those flamingos!) but wherever you look, there seems to be fun, colorful accessories popping up all around the wedding market.

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Metallic foil & a summer glow

Lately we've been designing a lot of suites that feature the warm glow of metallic foil printing. You better believe we get pumped up about the yellow gold & rose gold color trends, but we're also seeing more silver lately. While we adore seeing designs letterpresses in these bold metallics, we also know that they represent the sun kissed summer palette that we're looking forward to! Since last weekend brought us our first GORGEOUS weekend of the year, we're planning our attack of all things bronzed & beautiful, and here's what is on our list:

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A preppy + sophisticated palette

We've been working away on one beautiful navy & soft gold letterpress suite. We wouldn't dare share pics of the pretty paper yet, as it hasn't even been sent out to the guests but as we're diving into designing day- of accessories for this client, we're flooding with inspiration from the beautiful palette! In all it's preppy, sophisticated glory… don't you love it?!

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Color Crush: Winter White

There is something so peaceful and classic about soft, natural colors. Though etiquette used to say that wearing white after Labor Day {and before Memorial Day} was a faux pas, we're so thankful that the modern trends aren't adhering to it! We absolutely love winter white and couldn't resist putting together a little Color Crush board to prove it!!

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It's every bit cozy and chic- don't you think?!

Color Crush: Sea Foam


Coming back from the Holidays is always such a fun time for vendors in the wedding industry. While you're sifting through all the emails, you find that your inbox has a few more inquiries than normal. Something about Christmas says "Marry me", and I'm very okay with that. ;)

Most of our work right now has us thinking about summer weddings, ergo, dreamy sea foam inspiration board. How I love the sea. Are any of you taking Winter vacations this year?

Color Crush: Radiant Orchid

Last week, Pantone announced their pick for the 2014 color of the year. It has has received a lot of mixed reviews, but in all honesty, I really kinda like it. Pantone describes it as " an expressive, creative and embracing purple—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones." I think they are encouraging the use of more than just one color, and instead guiding towards a general palette to follow. My home office proudly sports an orchid on the desk near the window. It is resilient and lovely. A good reminder for when I am working into the wee hours of the night!

If nothing else, it makes for great mood boarding. I don't think I have ever had more fun making one! ;)

Pinterest Makeover!

Ta-Daaa! As if you didn't already need a reason to peruse Pinterest, I now present to you a new, and slightly more swanky, Paper Moss Pinterest profile! It has been mad fun. How many people do you know who's job is to reorganize beautiful things all day? This girl took full advantage of it. There is pretty much everything a girl would need- house and home, style, design, palettes, and (of course) wedding inspiration to your little heart's content.

Pin away!

Color Crush: Coral

Admittedly, I have a love- hate relationship with this color. On one hand, I think it's fresh, versatile and fun but the artistic side of me hates it since there are SO MANY SHADES. Seriously. Every time I hear coral, I wonder: is it red coral, or more of a pink coral? Could it be more of an orange coral or neon coral? Heavens! That aside, I really do love the color... I promise!! Enjoy today's round up of all of coral's pretty variations:

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Color crush: fuchsia + gold

Hi friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend!! Emily and I had a fabulous time with the ladies celebrating my bachelorette weekend at the Cape. There's nothing quite like good girl time. :) This week, we're kicking things off this this rich, feminine color combo that has me swooning. I love how elegant and feminine the contrast of fuchsia and shades of gold can be, especially that rose gold!! What do you think? Would you ever have these as your wedding colors?

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Color Crush: pink + gold + peach

I'm totally digging soft color palettes right now and truth be told, it still baffles me that I would be the one incorporating the color blush into my wedding. Being the only girl with 2 older brothers, I desperately tried to fight the stereotype that pink should be my favorite color. I was so adamant about it that by the end of my time in elementary school, I hated the color. Oh how things have changed, my friends. I'm eager to embrace all things soft and romantic so let's kick off this week with some gorgeous warm hues- highlighting the summery palette of pink + gold + peach. Enjoy!

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Color Crush!

Over the last couple of weeks, my man and I were talking quite a lot about honeymoon spots. We're aiming for somewhere in the Caribbean and I am SO EXCITED because neither of us have been somewhere tropical. Crazy, right?! All this talk has made me dream of serene, bright blue water and pure relaxation. You know the kind of water I'm talking about...


Well it's gotten in my head and I've been drawn to all things reminiscent of the tropical blues- teal and aqua- that I've only e ever seen on postcards. Hence today's Color Crush... :)

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What color are you dreaming of?

Color crushing on crimson

Monday, Monday!! It's here at last! How was your weekend, friends? We hope that you enjoyed some fun adventures and even caught a glimpse of the Academy Awards. In honor of the red carpet, we've been taking note of all things red- in various shades and tones. Take for instance this bright, berry Pantone chip...


Simply delicious! In all of it's elegance, we couldn't resist pulling together some more inspiration in shades of cherry, oxblood, crimson and scarlet so we could fully embrace this classic pop of color...

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Have a beautiful day!