The Little Things

In our peak season of weddings, it's the little things that we look forward to most. Getting a manicure after weeks and weeks of dodging paper cuts from sorting through pretty paper... sleeping in on a Saturday... cuddling up with coffee & a book... going for a walk that is NOT to the office... having time to bake something comforting?! ;) You get my drift. I'm sure you have your own list of "little things". This weekend, I'm committed to making some of these happen. 


What's on your list?

Spring Green

Maybe it's because St. Patricks day was yesterday or perhaps it's the fact that we can't seem to get over 2013's Pantone of the year, but we're LOVING all things green. A range of green tones for a wedding palette is quickly becoming one of our fresh new faves. Playing up greens in the floral department is also a huge trend right now... garland draped down the center of long tables, adding more greenery to bouquets, boutonnieres, etc. This palette paired with white and hints of gold is a super elegant look! 

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Vintage Lift Tickets

The weekend is here!! Do you have any fun plans yet? Confession- I've been counting down the days until this weekend... probably for the last month. My man and I are meeting some friends in Colorado for a ski weekend. Not only have I never been to Colorado {Emily's homeland} but I haven't skied anywhere other than New England! I'm excited to hit the slopes and take in the beautiful surroundings. 

In anticipation, I wanted to share some escort cards that we designed for a Vermont wedding this past winter...

It's all in the details, friends, and we can't get enough of these little vintage lift tickets! 

Have a wonderful weekend!! 

Winter Whimsy

All this cold weather is more than getting to us. It's been one long winter!! Despite that, we're still finding {and LOVING} lots of cozy wedding inspiration for those of you who are planning winter weddings. Here's our latest round-up of colorful, whimsical hues that are sure to look striking against a chilly backdrop!


It's happening...

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and while for some this brings butterflies, for others this brings a tinge of pain at the anticipation. I was reading an article the other day that stated that Valentines Day is the most loved and most hated holiday. Goodness, I have been on both sides of the spectrum and feel compelled to rant a little bit in attempt to get a healthy dose of perspective. :)

If you have a special date planned with your significant other, be excited! Embrace it!! But remember that tomorrow really isn't anything other than a Hallmark holiday. What you do on Valentines Day doesn't necessarily define your relationship... it's the other 364 days that truly matter. Make those days count. And for those dreading the day all together, I completely understand. It's a little ridiculous how much focus is put on the holiday being about romantic love. If you're recently divorced or going through a break up, if your significant other is deployed or if you're just plain TIRED of waiting for the *right* one to come along (I've been there!), please remember that you are still so incredibly deeply loved. In either scenario, we shouldn't depend on one other person for validation of our importance, our worth is much bigger than that! So regardless of which boat you're in this year, we want to challenge you to celebrate EVERYONE in your life that you love. Friends, parents, grandparents, siblings, roommates. Tell them how much they mean to you & celebrate the ways they have blessed you!! 

I love this gorgeous quote designed by Saffron Avenue for Lark & Linen!! Check out the other cute stationery on the Saffron Avenue shop!!

A standard of grace

I just spent the last several days at a conference, tucked away at a cabin in New Hampshire. We were surrounded by fresh snow, beautiful things & some amazingly sweet & talented ladies. Among the many things I gained from the long weekend {lessons, tips, friendships, time to rest, etc.} was a fabulous swag bag packed full of goodies from the sponsors. One of the things that I am most excited about is The Simplified Journal from Emily Ley. I have had a long time love for her designs and not only that, but the foil printed quote on the front, is one of my all time favorites:

Did you catch that? "I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection". Each time I come across that quote, I find it to be a powerful reminder that no one is perfect. While it's important to always strive to do our best, no matter how much of a perfectionist we are or type A personality we have, it's simply not possible to achieve perfection. And that is where grace comes in. It always seems easier to show others grace than to show it to ones self, but in the spirit of taking care of ourselves and being fair, we all need to work on that a little, don't you think? As I'm playing catch up from being gone & finding yet another snow storm making it more challenging to do so, I'm clinging to this quote. 

If you want a daily reminder to hold yourself to a standard of grace, you can also buy a print on Emily's shop!!

Happy Monday, lovelies!!


Thinking warm thoughts

Even if you're not a New Englander, I'm sure that you have heard by now that the northwest is expecting "The Blizzard of 2015". It's all over the news and we're all waiting in anticipation to see if it's actually going to be as "bad" as they're saying. In all honesty, us ladies don't mind being bundled up inside on a cold snowy day... or heading out for some cold crisp air in our white washed neighborhoods. Working in a creative field, we derive inspiration from a multitude of things... even from blizzards!! Here's to thinking warm & cozy thoughts for the days ahead. 

Hang in there, fellow New Englanders!

Featured: Boston Weddings

The recent issue of Boston Weddings Magazine highlighted some gorgeous floral inspired invitation suites, tastefully paired with arrangements. We're so flattered to have one of our custom letterpress suites included in the round up!! We're completely swooning over this partial barrel full of blooms designed by Blooms of Hope! It almost makes us wonder which came first- the invitation or the floral arrangement?! :)

Check out the feature here and get ready to be inspired!! 

Classic With a Twist

When it comes to wedding palettes, you can't go wrong with keeping a neutral palette- it's timeless! Inspired by the warm tones of blush, white, taupe and gold, we put together this board to showcase one of our new designs from The Collection. Our "Classic with a Twist" suite can be customized with wording, fonts, ink & envelope liner colors and printing method. We love how elegant & versatile it is!!

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Something to sip on

We're kicking off the week with sharing a sweet recipe that we spotted over on the Made By Girl blog. If you haven't tried Mexican Hot Chocolate, you need to drop what you're doing and GO MAKE THIS RECIPE NOW! :) What is more comforting than sipping on a sweet, spicy, chocolatey beverage while curled up?! That is my favorite place to come back down to earth & get inspired, in the midst of a busy start of a week...

mexican hot chocolate


Happy Monday, lovelies!!

Organic Wedding Inspiration

One of our favorite wedding trends as of late, is incorporating elements from nature to create a lush, romanic ambience. We get to hear about all of the fun details that are in planning phase for our clients, but it's crucial for us to make sure that the invitations we're designing accurately set the tone for the wedding. Having a loose color palette and a near whimsical feel, playing with textures and sparing no effort for elegance, we're giddy at the endless possibilities of this organic look. Here's what we're envisioning...

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What do you think?! Do you love it or prefer a more polished style?



If you don't follow us on Pinterest just yet, you might want to log on ASAP to change that! ;) From wedding hair ideas to typography love- table settings to dessert recipes, our boards are constantly turning over fresh inspiration!! Check out one of our new boards filled with the bright & punchy watercolor paintings & patterns that we're absolutely adoring!!!

What has been catching your eye on Pinterest lately?

Weekend reflections

Another weekend is upon us and this one, being Labor Day weekend, calls for some extra celebrating. Don't you agree?? Whatever you have planned these next few days, take some time to relax & rejuvenate from all the work that is so easy to get swept up in day-to-day. I personally find it easy to be distracted by the excitement of a 3-day weekend, but do you realize that the purpose of this weekend is to celebrate the contributions that working Americans have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country? Maybe you love your job... or maybe you've been searching high and low for the next step in your career. Regardless of where you're at, remember that it's important to LOVE & believe in what you do. NO job is perfect but there is nothing more satisfying than working hard & knowing that even if you have a hard week, the way you spend your days is more than a "job" but rather a vocation.


HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND! We'll be back on Wednesday with more pretty inspiration!

Home decor & stationery inspiration

Hey friend! How was your weekend? We sure hope you had a good one, soaking up the dwindling days of summer in some fashion. :) Between cleaning the entire house, date night, 2 barbecues and catching up with a couple of my dearest lady friends, I spent some quality time nesting {& shopping for home goods} over the weekend. For some reason this has been an overwhelming task for me so it feels great to have made progress!! In the midst of hunting for the perfect piece of art for the living room, trying to figure out how to incorporate the antlers that my hubby acquired and considering freshening up my throw pillow collection, I stumbled across Caitlin Wilson Textiles. Putting it lightly, I am OBSESSED. Yes, I studied textiles in undergrad so that only adds to the intrigue, but these beautifully woven prints are tapping into our love for all things design. Aren't these swatches just gorgeous? Check out the rest of her current fabric options here.

 You may know that we're fans of mixing patterns (especially when it comes to stationery), so naturally we're a fan of how versatile this collection is!!

Are you swooning as much as we are?!

*all photos are courtesy of Caitlin Wilson Textiles