Once a year

This friends, is great advice. If you haven't planned an excursion lately, you probably should start dreaming one up now. :) It doesn't have to be some grand adventure far away, or even one that costs a lot of money. Just the act of getting away from the norm and into a new surrounding is renewing, refreshing & inspiring.

I'm taking these words to heart this weekend, as we head out to Sonoma for a wedding! Here's to a weekend of exploring and celebrating! Hoping you have a beautiful weekend too!!

Hints for a happy marriage

It's easy to revel in the emotions of being in love and planning a beautiful wedding, but we think one of the most important parts of wedding planning, is MARRIAGE planning! Marriage is hard work and it's not about always "feeling in love", it's about choosing to love your spouse for better or worse. Those of you who are engaged, we want to challenge you to spend some intentional time building a foundation for a lifetime together, even when you're busy picking out linens, centerpieces and going to dress fittings. ;) Plan date nights, ask each other tough questions, talk about if and when you'd want to start a family, be transparent about finances {gasp! I know, it sounds scary but it's worth it}, share your expectations of what married life will look like... etc. We absolutely adore these helpful hints for a happy marriage that Southern Weddings put together. Such a great reminder for marrieds and almost-marrieds, alike.


Because Every Kid Needs to Celebrate

Last week I had the chance to catch up with Stephanie Frazier Grimm, a wedding planner friend based in Newport, RI. My time with her was every bit inspiring… as an understatement!! Not only is Stephanie running a very successful event planning company, Couture Parties {specializes in all types of celebrations, in addition to weddings} but she recently launched a non-profit that we instantly fell in love with. Friends, meet the Confetti Foundation...

The goal of the Confetti Foundation is to give every hospitalized child the opportunity to celebrate their birthday by delivering a "Party Starter kit"... AKA a party in a box. While so much of these kiddo's lives is defined by the illness they're being treated for, taking a moment to celebrate their special day and feel like a "normal" kid again is a huge gift to them and to their family. At absolutely no cost to the family or to the hospital, every themed Party Starter kit includes the following items to help get the party started:

2 tissue pom decorations

4 wooden spoons & forks

4 Napkins

4 Plates

4 Cups

4 straws

Themed Coloring Pages



Happy Birthday Banner

Birthday Card

And it's all beautifully wrapped together in a white gift box!

If you're moved by this awesome cause like we are, we can help them reach their goal of making 500 party boxes by December 31st... or help spread the good news so they can have a presence in all 50 states! Check out their website for opportunities to support it & get involved!!

*all photos are courtesy of Meghan Sepe Photography

Our latest love: messy polka dots

For the last few weeks, we've been working on some custom stationery that features messy polka dots. What are those? Well just think of a paint brush making a little dot. They're a playful version of an all-time classic pattern... and we can't seem to get enough! Once our client's stationery has been sent out, you better believe that we'll be sharing photos of the final product!! For now, here was our inspiration...


Which do you prefer- the messy whimsy of this style, or the clean & chic classic dot?


Wow, this week has flown by! We apologize for not meeting with you this week. But in light of another busy wedding season week, we want to share with you these words from the late Maya Angelou.

Just remember, how you make someone feel will stay with them for a long time. Make them feel valued and loved. That is our goal for the rest of this week, weekend, and year.


Being fashionable

Friday is here!! What do you have planned for this summer weekend? We {like most people} don't hesitate to jam pack our weekends this time of year, so naturally I feel the need to get amped up on Fridays. :) The weekends are a whole new beast of errands, beach time, barbecues, wedding festivities, travel and extra opportunities for random get togethers. As we're chipping away at our to-do lists in the office, anticipating the weekend, we're loving this quote and couldn't resist sharing it...

Be inspired to be extra fashionable... kindness goes a long way!

Pineapples, stripes & sunshine

Today is the day I have long been waiting for. Dan and I are headed to Puerto Rico for some sun, relaxation & quality time. In anticipation of some serious sunbathing, I've been searching high and low for some stylish beach necessities. One summer trend that I am LOVING right now, are the pineapple prints that are popping up on everything! I just got a pineapple patterned shirt the other day and came across this adorable little 2- piece from Top Shop that I don't particularly want to live without. ;) And since a good beach blanket is a must have for the summer, this one from Madewell is totally worth the splurge. Enjoy perusing and be inspired to plan a trip to the beach this weekend!!

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Happy weekending!

From the Designer's Desk: National Stationery Show


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I can't even begin to share the joy that I was filled with while attending the National Stationery Show in New York City this past weekend! It was a whirlwind of amazing color, paper, designs, and people!! Walking up and down the aisles meeting with new (and returning) print & design companies, paper vendors, and so much more, sparked the creative buzz in my head.

What I love most about the NSS is to be able to see how these amazing creatives have their own voice…and stick to it! There is nothing more beautiful then seeing the hard work of artists come out in their work. Just a couple of my favorite freebies from the show include two great frame worthy cards from Power and Light Press and Sycamore Street Press (who doesn't love a good copper foil?!?). And of course, luggage tags from Rifle Paper Co.

These artists, collaboratives, and business owners are truly inspiring to keep creating and stick to what I know and what I love. Passion and verve will always create the best stuff.


Until next time, from my desk to to yours!




Inspired by ice cream

Happy Friday, friends! We spend last evening mingling with some wonderful Boston wedding vendors at Taza Chocolate Factory. Yes, it was just as amazing as it sounds! After a night full of sweets and with the warm weather {and humidity} here, we're not only craving ice cream, but also completely crushing on the cute shape and pattern of the cones on this frock...

via | via

I'm in love with the dress AND the heels! Happy Friday… now GO GET SOME ICE CREAM!

From the Designer's Desk: Coastal Treasures

As a native Southern Californian moving to New England, the coastline and vast ocean has always been a place for me to find solace and inspiration. Living in New England means a new landscape of shoreline, thousands of miles of beautiful coastline, with serene sandy beaches to precarious rocky necks.  The eastern coast has given me a new vision on the simplicity of found objects, informing my perspective and style when creating and designing. Glass broken and thrashed around to create velvet like gems; porcelain patterned shards from old shipwrecks becoming puzzle pieces to a past time; tiny pieces that easily get lost in the tide and the sandy shores.

Jennifer Booher, shop owner of Quercus Designs, works out of Bar Harbor, Maine. Collecting objects she finds along the tide lines to create stunning arrangements and portraits of her day. Her photography tells their history and breathes life back into the unique character. Her artwork of well organized and composed treasures have allowed me to breathe in the salt air and look more closely at the beauty that can be found buried in the sand or swimming in the waves. Her soft tones and unique textures remind me of the organic side of art and design, and my desire to bring that into my life and to just breathe.

Until  next time, from the designer's desk.




Sweeter than fiction

Hey friends! Are you getting geared up for the weekend? We sure are. Tomorrow we're collaborating with some fellow wedding professionals on a super fun inspiration shoot! Our fingers are crossed that we luck out with the weather for this seaside shoot! That's all we're going to reveal about the shoot at this point, but you better believe that we'll keep you posted! ;)

Whatever you have planned for your weekend, we hope it's every bit sweet!!

Having hope

With the start of an insanely busy week, we wanted to share some inspiration that means the world to us. Everyone needs to feel hope- it gives us energy, motivation and purpose. Hope makes the tough times bearable and enhances even the best times. Yes, hope anchors the soul.

A big pill to swallow, but we love us some words of truth!! We're wishing you a week full of hope, especially as Easter is right around the corner… ;)

Rev up your Monday


There is no denying that Monday's can be pretty tough, no matter how much you love your job. Raise your hand if you're dragging a little extra today {our hands are up…} and if you're in that camp, take our advice to add some oomph to your day:

1. Run to the nearest market or flower shop and buy some pretty, sweet smelling blooms to brighten up your desk space!

2. On your way back, grab a little pick-me-up beverage! Green tea, juice or sparkling water will help you re-hydrate & give your body the boost you need. If possible, sip from a straw!

3. Turn up some tunes. We love Spotify {if you didn't notice} and their suggestions for new artists has breathed new life into countless days.

4. Do a mini office work out. Yea, you think we're crazy… and perhaps we are. :) But in all seriousness, go into a conference room to do some stretching, jumping jacks and {outfit permitting} some push-ups! Getting the blood flowing will change your mood and make you more productive.

Happy Monday, lovelies!

Smooth sailing

You've likely heard this quote before, but we love it! This week, we're kicking off our Monday with some sweet words of inspiration & encouragement. Facing challenges is the last thing we want to do, especially when life is already so busy & hectic. It's inevitable though! If you're walking through a tough time right now, take hope in remembering that even the hardest times refine us into stronger, more beautiful people. When you get to the other side, you'll have more wisdom, patience & compassion than you did at the start. Even if you're merely facing a busy work week, this applies to you too! Remember that pushing through will only refine you & make you a better person. :)

Happy Monday!