Friday Inspiration

After a long week, you're probably aching for some self care and some rejuvenation! If we're being honest, that's how most Fridays go in our world. :) Well our inspiration for this weekend is geared towards just that!

1. Eat healthy


We're all getting ready for swim suit weather, so we may as well cover all our bases and start with eating healthy. I love this idea of toting little salads around in a mason jar for lunches, which makes it super convenient AND easy to mix when the time comes to dig in. Cupcakes and Cashmere has some great ideas for how to make salads a little more exciting- check it out!

2. Write about it!

Journaling doesn't come naturally to many people but it can be such a great stress reliever as well as a source of igniting creativity! Soooo, go grab a super cute journal {like this one from Anthropology, perhaps?!} and scratch down whatever is on your mind. It's kind of fun flipping back through and seeing where life has taken you!


3. Get some fresh air!

There is nothing more stress relieving then going for a walk, jog, hike, bike ride or {fill in the blank} in the great outdoors. Fingers crossed that you're facing some nice weather in the next couple of days... if so, jump on outside and get refreshed!


Happy weekending, loves!