Weekend Inspiration

I don't know if you know, but this is kind of a big weekend!! Between the Kentucky Derby starting tomorrow and Cinco de Mayo being on Sunday, there are so many opportunities for fun, friendship and festiveness!!

Sip on a mint julep

Even if you're not in to horse racing, you can't deny that the tradition and festivities behind the Kentucky Derby are intriguing. Why not play the part by donning some super extravagant hats and sipping on mint juleps? Or if you're not keen on that idea, at least whip up a Julep & tune in for the annual hat parade as guests show off their derby fashion!


PLUS in the spirit of this weekend, check out this Kentucky Derby inspired bridal shower designed by our friend Lauren of Lauren Wells Events!! So fun!

Celebrate the cinco

Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays {apart from Christmas & Easter, which have sentimental value} and along with the usual enchiladas, margs & guac that we celebrate with, I'd like to take it a step up with crafting a piñata. We bought one last year from a party store but thanks to this awesome inspiration from Studio DIY, I might be dusting off the gold paint can!! How are you planning to celebrate?


Take some more pics

When things get busy, this is one of the last things I think of doing. This weekend, why not get out there and snap some photos of springtime, of festivities, of your city or if you dare... of strangers! With Instagram making editing so easy & fun, {non-professional} photography is such an accessible art form. Nothing quite compares to the beauty & talent of a stellar photog but gosh darn it, we'll keep trying! ;)


Happy weekending!!