Weekend Inspiration

Is it just me or did this week fly by? After a fabulous time last night at our Fashion Crush event, we're SUPER excited for this weekend. Why you may ask?? Well, keep reading our weekend inspiration!

Look at pretty paper

Emily and I are getting ready to pack up and head to NYC for the National Stationery Show! Among stationery nerds like ourselves, this is like Christmas. It only comes but once a year and we anticipate, plan and strategize how we want to tackle it. We'll be soaking up the latest stationery trends, new paper lines and all of that fun stuff. ;) If you'd like to celebrate this joyous occasion, you can do so by picking up some pretty paper and sending notes to friends and family!!


Spice up the bun

We all love the sock bun, but let's be honest... sometimes it's a little too formal for everyday wear. One of my favorite approaches for the bun, is to put the sock at the base of a loose, high ponytail but rather than rolling the hair in the sock, wrap it around the sock, then pin and spray. This creates a loose, messier version. After catching this pic on Pinterest, I am now excited to pop a scarf into the mix for a fabulous little springtime take!


Try a DIY

Since we all spend a lot of time on the computer, we thought this mousepad might be a fun and ridiculously easy way to spice up the work space. Want to join in the fun with a little DIY this weekend? Get the "how to" over on Lovely Indeed!


Happy weekending!