Fruit infusion

When the warm weather hits, the last thing I want is a heavy meal. Especially now that I'm going to be a Mrs. soon, I'm looking to start a stock pile of seasonal recipes for my man {farewell to my dinners of wine and cookies} and for entertaining. As of late, I've been loving all of the recipes that rope in whole fruit for some fresh, spring flavors!

Fabulous flat breads

I've had my eye on this yummy nectarine + fresh basil + balsamic reduction pizza ever since I stumbled upon it on pinterest. Fruit on a pizza may not go over well with my man, but you better believe that I'm up for the adventure!! Perhaps this is best saved for a dinner with girlfriends... :)


Fancy salads

What could be better on a warm evening than a good salad? This Bacon, Pear & Blueberry mix sounds like the perfect blend of sweet and savory and could be eaten solo for a light meal or paired with an entree. I'll definitely be filing this recipe away for the next barbecue I host or attend!


Sip on sangria

Every year as we wait for the first slew of warm days, I dream of what kind of sangria will be the first of the season. Just the other week I spotted this recipe for Spring Sangria and it sounds every bit delicious! Strawberry, pineapple and citrusy flavors paired with white wine & seltzer... doesn't it sound refreshing? We might just have to give it a go this weekend!


Do you have any fabulous recipes that combine sweet & savory? If so, please share! :)

Have a lovely long weekend!!