Weekend Inspiration

Happy Friday! I'm not sure about you, but we have a big weekend ahead. You know, one of those weekends where you ideally need to be rested in order to conquer all that needs to be done? Well, this is what we're up to...


After weeks of re-organizing and purging and packing the office, Paper Moss is making a move this weekend! We're super excited about our new space in Back Bay and you better believe that we'll be sharing more details {and pics!!} once we're settled!! Until then, pray for me as I sweat it out this weekend with the movers!


Celebrate & cool down!

You better believe that come Sunday evening, I'll be ready to indulge in something sweet and celebrate that the move is over! I've had my eye on these Champagne & Raspberry popsicles for some time now and it seems that in celebratory fashion, this weekend will be perfect to try them out. Champagne just makes every celebration a little more sparkly!


What are your weekend plans?