Weekend inspiration

The weekend is upon us once again! After a whirlwind trip to Seattle for wedding planning, I've been getting cozied up in our new office and continuing to nest. Moving is always such a process!! This weekend is devoted to re-charging and getting caught up on "life". But here are some ways that we're going to make this weekend a little more fun:

Get hydrated

Everyone knows that you feel better, more energetic when hydrated. Try infusing fruit into your water to make it a little more exciting. I'm a huge fan of cucumber water, but also LOVE pineapple and watermelon flavored water too!


Get tied up

Lately I've been throwing my hair back in a messy pony or a bun, which is not very exciting, but is oh-so-practical when things get busy. Incorporating a scarf is such a fun way to add some sass to an otherwise ordinary 'do... give it a go!!


Don't forget your pops

Sunday is Father's day so don't forget to snag a fun card for dear old dad! We're obsessing over this one from Sycamore Street Press... well, for obvious reasons!


Happy Weekending!!