Weekend Inspiration

It's FRIDAY!! Here's what is on the agenda for our weekend... what are you up to?!

Get a bold & funky manicure

Celebrate the weekend by getting a manicure with a color that you've never had... something outside the box. My color of choice will probably be some shade of mint or another variation of green, however these blue nails are pretty fun!!


Flea merket frenzy

I've been waiting for the perfect weather and perfect weekend to hit up the SOWA market... my first trip of the season. This is a perfect warm- weather activity and simply the thought of strolling, looking at antiques and picking up fresh produce is making me giddy!!


Add some sparkle

Whether you get crafty, add some glitter to your eyelids or pucker or don some sparkly attire, spice things up with a little extra sparkle. Not only will this lift your mood, but it will likely make those around you smile too!!


Happy weekending!!