Stationery trends: painted edges!

When it comes to spotting trends we usually think in terms of fashion, but believe it or not there are stationery trends too! The beauty of custom design is trying new things and when there's something we've never done before, we love the challenge! One thing that Emily and I have been obsessing over for the past year is painted edges. This "add on" looks best when using double thick stock {so you can really see the punch} and it's exactly what it sounds like... we paint the edges of the paper with a bold, contrasting color. Seriously, few things get me psyched about stationery in the way that painted edges do. Here are some suites we've recently designed that showcase the awesomeness of PAINTED EDGES... enjoy!

Step up the elegance

Bring in a pop of color

 Add some polish to a simple style

Call us nerdy, but it was really fun to read about the process {here} and get the scoop from a printer's perspective. After years of adding these pops of color, it's fun to get a better understanding of the art!