Weekend inspiration

We're all sunkissed and relaxed after yesterday's festivities! How was your 4th? Hopefully you're not working too hard today as you head into the weekend ;) Here's a little inspiration to get you going!!

Embrace tourism

The man and I are heading out of Boston this weekend to meet up with some friend in New York! Since it's their first time visiting the city, we get to play tourist as well and I couldn't be more excited. Whether you're headed out of town or staying in your 'hood for the weekend, be a tourist! Take lots of pictures, visit museums and soak up the intricacies of wherever you're at.


Get some stunna shades

Sunglasses are a daily necessity for summers in New England and I'm currently looking to spice up my collection. Some of these new styles by Kate are catching my eye but I'm also kind of craving some traditional Ray Bans! Any suggestions?!


Impromptu picnic

In light of our trip to NYC, I'm getting my hopes up for a picnic in Central Park. What could be a better way to enjoy a beautiful summer day?!


 Happy weekending!