Fresh guest book ideas

Today we're taking a break from weekend inspiration to let you in on some recent research I've been conducting. As you may know, my man and I are in the peek of wedding planning (about a month away!!!!) and so we're checking off lots of things on the grand to-do list. One thing that I've been mulling over is a creative approach to a guest book. While I'm not against the often seen book of photos from an e-session, that option is not on the table for us since we've had such a whirlwind, short engagement... and didn't have time for the traditional photo shoot. So here are some fun, unique ideas if you're in the same boat, or if you're just craving something different:

Stack of coasters:

How cute would these be displayed in stacks and tied together with a ribbon?!



Have your guests sign china to display in your home... on the wall, on a hutch or otherwise!


Your new initial:

You're getting a new last name so why not embrace it with pride?! There are many shops on Etsy that you can order letters on- you can even choose the size and color!


Travel lovers:

Have guests sign a globe to display in your home. They can even write a little note about where they think you should visit!



I love this idea of having guests sign the back of puzzle pieces, though the picture would either have to be massive or the pieces would have to be pretty little. Either way, it's such a fun idea!


Have a fabulous weekend!!