Weekend inspiration

This weekend is all about getting stuff done and relaxing! After spending last weekend moving and the evenings of this week unpacking, I am excited to have some days to nest, rest and get caught up on some more wedding to-do's. What do you have planned this weekend?

Get fresh flowers!

Adding fresh flowers to any space brightens my mood and adds a sweet smell that is OH SO NEEDED to cover up the fresh paint smell in our new place. You better believe that I'm excited to grab some blooms to keep me company for the weekend!


Make breakfast

My mind has been stuck on these home made pop tarts ever since I saw them on Pinterest. While I can't wait to break in some of my new kitchen toys, I think this is the perfect first project!


Rock some bling!

This weekend I'm devoting time to finalizing my wedding day jewelry. I'm ridiculously excited to score some new bling that can be worn for months & years after the big day... and these baubles from JCrew seem pretty darn promising!


Happy weekending!!