Weekend Inspiration

The Mercedes-Benz fashion week just wrapped up yesterday in New York so naturally we're feeling inspired be more fashionable and try out some new trends. Have you been keeping up with the shows? This weekend's inspiration is devoted to all things fashion.

Get gussied up

Get fancy and go run errands! Why?? Well, why not?! You'll feel a little sassier, hold your head up higher and still get a lot done... it's a win/win situation here, ladies!


Try a new hue

If you're like me, you likely gravitate to the same set of colors for your wardrobe. This weekend, why not head out shopping with the intention of thinking outside of the box & getting away from your comfort zone?! What color will you try?


Fancy fingers

You've been hiding under a rock if you haven't noticed the recent trend with manis and pedis. If you've tried out this trend, what is your favorite combo? Though I never would have thought of this on my own, I admit to be a little intrigued by this mixing of colors and patterns on each nail!! Would you ever rock this?


Have a very fashionable weekend!