What a weekend!

Wow, that was quite a weekend!! Just in time for all of the fall festiveness, the Mr. and I attended a beautiful wedding on Saturday night. I've heard that the first wedding after your own is the most fun, and in many ways I agree. To simply enjoy someone else's celebration- their making of a covenant & the ear to ear smiles to follow- it was an incredible night of dancing & merriment! Of course, it helps to not have any responsibilities or stress about things going according to plan. :) Have you experienced this before? Anyway, we're kicking off a fabulously busy week in the Paper Moss office and you better believe that good music {and coffee} will be fueling us. While shopping on Etsy for a gift the other day, I ran across these beautiful prints... all displaying lines & phrases from songs. If you're a music lover like myself, there's a good chance you'll find one {or more} that you can't live without!! Check out Lyrical Artworks for prints from some amazing artists!