Fall's classiest decoration

If you've been following Pearls for Paper for awhile, you'll know that I'm a sucker for all things festive. Give me any holiday and I'm ready to run with it, from food to decor to excuses for little get-togethers! Halloween is no exception, however I would rather focus on fall as a whole since I don't really get into the hype over ghosts and witches. Pumpkins, bright leaves and all things cozy really get me psyched for the season. While there is no replacement for the fun & traditional orange pumpkins, this year I have my eye on white pumpkins. You better believe I'm scoping out ideas for how to decorate these little beauties and today, I wanted to share some fun ways to incorporate them into your holiday decor...

Striking centerpiece

Carve out the center of the pumpkin and pop an old vase or even an empty can to fill with water. Find some gorgeous seasonal blooms and you're all set! I've seen this done with orange pumpkins before, but I love how chic this variety looks!


Bowl bound

Simple and elegant. I love this collection of mini-pumpkins in a bowl! If you want to add some pizzaz to them, you could even pick an accent color from your home decor and decorate each one. Pick 3 different designs for some variation but keep them all in the same color for cohesiveness.


Put in place

And of course, I saved my favorite for last. There is nothing more fun than dreaming up a holiday tablescape and I love this idea for place card holders! If you're having a fall dinner party, you should probably check out this DIY ASAP.:)


Happy weekending!