Ginger Peach Mimosa

Adding a little bit of bubbly makes any day feel a bit more like a celebration. Today's cause for celebration- it's FRIDAY! We felt inspired to try a new spin on an all-time have: the mimosa. The pairing of ginger & peach added a sweet & spicy sophistication!!


 You'll need:
- chilled peach nectar
- ginger liquor {we love Domaine De Canton}
- chilled brut champagne or Prosecco
- fancy glasses suited for sipping!

The how-to is NOT complicated, friends!! Measure 1oz {or to taste} of ginger liquor for just a kick of flavor- you don't want it to be too overpowering. Next fill the glass with 1/3 peach nectar and 2/3 bubbly!


Garnish with a peach slice and you're ready to toast the weekend!