From the Designer's Desk: Coastal Treasures

As a native Southern Californian moving to New England, the coastline and vast ocean has always been a place for me to find solace and inspiration. Living in New England means a new landscape of shoreline, thousands of miles of beautiful coastline, with serene sandy beaches to precarious rocky necks.  The eastern coast has given me a new vision on the simplicity of found objects, informing my perspective and style when creating and designing. Glass broken and thrashed around to create velvet like gems; porcelain patterned shards from old shipwrecks becoming puzzle pieces to a past time; tiny pieces that easily get lost in the tide and the sandy shores.

Jennifer Booher, shop owner of Quercus Designs, works out of Bar Harbor, Maine. Collecting objects she finds along the tide lines to create stunning arrangements and portraits of her day. Her photography tells their history and breathes life back into the unique character. Her artwork of well organized and composed treasures have allowed me to breathe in the salt air and look more closely at the beauty that can be found buried in the sand or swimming in the waves. Her soft tones and unique textures remind me of the organic side of art and design, and my desire to bring that into my life and to just breathe.

Until  next time, from the designer's desk.