Hints for a happy marriage

It's easy to revel in the emotions of being in love and planning a beautiful wedding, but we think one of the most important parts of wedding planning, is MARRIAGE planning! Marriage is hard work and it's not about always "feeling in love", it's about choosing to love your spouse for better or worse. Those of you who are engaged, we want to challenge you to spend some intentional time building a foundation for a lifetime together, even when you're busy picking out linens, centerpieces and going to dress fittings. ;) Plan date nights, ask each other tough questions, talk about if and when you'd want to start a family, be transparent about finances {gasp! I know, it sounds scary but it's worth it}, share your expectations of what married life will look like... etc. We absolutely adore these helpful hints for a happy marriage that Southern Weddings put together. Such a great reminder for marrieds and almost-marrieds, alike.