Stamps aren’t just for art projects any more!

Favorite subject in school: art time {or recess} If you were a crafty child like we were, maybe you remember going crazy with stamps? Oh the possibilities: rainbow ink pads, embossing, adding sparkles??? Anyone? We slightly resent Crayola for coming out with mini-stampers a few years too late…sore subject.

Our inner-child just leapt for joy at the thought of adding custom stamps to the rundown of what Paper Moss offers. Several of our clients have already taken advantage, and in turn, they had an easy avenue for customizing treat bags, programs, water bottle wraps or even a quick fix for a stylish monogrammed return address stamp!

Fail proof! After all, isn’t it the details that create the big picture?

PS: Crayola, your stamps may come in an array of colors and be easily transportable but they smell funny and ours are better.