Bridesmaids, your prayers are answered

If you have been or will be a bridesmaid, you'll appreciate this little nugget that we just have to share. For all those times we silently suffered as our besties picked out dresses they swore we'd wear again, for the times we bit our tongue with jealousy that the groomsmen could just rent their tuxes, not fuss with altering something deemed "bridal sizing" and then clog their closets with the aftermath... Well, our sulking has been heard! Rent the Runway not only has a variety of perfect for partying dresses, but now, a recently launched bridal line.

Now your bridesmaids can wear designer gowns {Milly, Badgley Mischka, D&G} or dresses that perfectly suit your wedding color scheme... and everyone wins. What a gracious compromise! After the wedding, bridesmaids pop their dresses back in the mail and never have to worry about them again.

*Photo courtesy of Rent the Runway