Engaged: Kristin + Kelly

While the weather is still chilly out, we couldn't resist sharing this adorable engagement shoot that consisted of a hot cocoa date and romantic stroll. Maryland based company Laura Ashbrook Photography was perfect at capturing the adorable charm of this couple. How they met: It all started six years ago {when Kristin was sixteen} and hitching a ride to an event with her Young Life leader. On the way, they stopped to pick up Kelly. The moment Kelly got in the car and started reciting lines from SNL, Kristin was sold. Although they went their separate ways that day and never even spoke to each other, Kristin told herself that she was going to marry that boy with the crazy curly hair. Five years later through a mutual friend, fate brought them together! How the love blossomed? Well, that’s another precious story.

How he proposed: On October 23, 2010 Kristin drove to Kelly’s house at 6:30 in the morning to embark on an adventure that he had been telling her about all week. Little did she know, he’d been planning more than just the hike at Annapolis Rock where they were headed. Expecting to find Kelly still asleep in his bed, when she arrived at the house, to her surprise, he was awake, ready to go and waiting for her on the porch. The hour car drive to the trail was a silent drive and left Kristin concerned that something was wrong. To fill the silence and calm his nerves, Kelly turn on rap music...the entire drive...at 6:30 in the morning. When they got to Annapolis Rocks Kelly was anxious to get to the top and Kristin was clueless. It was a beautiful fall morning and the hike up the mountain was a fun and precious time for the both of them. When they got to the top, they went out on onto a rock that was overlooking the valley. Kelly then got down on one knee and asked Kristin to marry him. She said yes! Obviously!

Congratulations to this fabulous couple! Thanks for letting us share your beautiful story.

*Photos courtesy of Laura Ashbrook Photography