Using vintage stamps?

Details make life interesting. There’s no denying that we are detail-obsessed, and it's probably safe to say that to some degree you are too... right? It's the little things that truly make an impression on us. True as it is in many aspects of life, its also what makes stationery so fun. While invitations, stationery, business cards {etc.} are in the design stage, Paper Moss is thinking of all of those special touches that will continue to convey the clients personality or brand. A fun little something that we've been occupied with as of late, has been finding and using vintage stamps.

This doesn't just have to be a wedding trend. Imagine how fun it would be to receive a birthday card or shower invitation in the mail that was adorned with pretty, vintage stamps! You can find them everywhere, but surprisingly enough, we like the random selection on ebay or at Champion Stamp. Vintage stamps are USPS approved as long as they have not been used and add up to the correct postage amount.

This invite designed by Paper Moss {and client} has a fun variety. The bride and groom are represented by their home-state stamps mixed with patriotic ones to match the wedding location: Georgetown, DC.

Hand picked for the SMP Photo shoot were stamps that related to our vintage country chic theme.

*calligraphy by Megan Chapin Calligraphy

*top 2 photos by Laura Ashbrook Photography

*photo above by Public Image Photography