Fall fell this weekend

Fall is officially here and to mark the start of the season {AKA: the fall of Fall}, we each partook in some "festive" activities this past weekend. In true celebratory form, Emily and some of our friends gallivanted at the apple orchard, enjoying the abnormally hot temperatures we had, munching on apple cider doughnuts and of course, they managed to fit in an impromptu harmonica dance session. I {Anna} however, was on the other spectrum of "festive" activities and had the annual stuffy head-hearing-loss, blowing my nose every 5 minutes and watching way too much television type of fall weekend. Yes, it was full of Emergen-C, soup and Kleenex. On the bright side, I get to enjoy fresh, sweet apples without the effort of picking them myself!! Naturally, while sitting at home I started thinking about what delicious seasonal treat I want to make...while recipe surfing, I came across this Caramel Apple Cake:


... and OMG, I'm thoroughly convinced that it will be the best thing I've ever baked. Join me in trying this ahhh-mazing seasonal treat? Perfect for a dinner party with friends or a fall birthday celebration!

*Photo & recipe courtesy of Pass the Sushi