Fur heavens sake!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving being next week, we're paying much more attention to things to be thankful for. One thing that I'm extra thankful for, being that it's Wedding Wednesday and all, is the fact that fur is so in style for fall & winter weddings! You may have caught that I {Anna} LOVE fur coats and wish oh-so-badly that they were in fashion for everyday wear. Of course, it's hard to find a happy median between finding faux fur that doesn't look cheap... and selling a kidney to buy a real fur. Of course, if you did the latter, you'd have some of your PETA neighbors shaking those fingers. All that aside, how fabulously chic are these brides bundled in their furs?


{photos clockwise from right: via, via, via, via, via}

And if you're a fall or winter bride in the market for something cuddly to keep you warm on the big day, perhaps this little bolero from BHLDN strikes your fancy?!

Completely, 100% swooning over this bolero! This fur trend is enough to make me want a fall or winter wedding!!!