Here's to all that you're thankful for

Thanksgiving is TOMORROW!! Words can't describe just how excited I am for the holiday this year- the list of things I'm thankful for is ever growing and I've been jotting them down here and there. To have a whole day to reflect on the many ways we're blessed, now that sounds like paradise! :) So while you're putting those final touches on the big dinner {or lunch} or when you and your loved ones toast all the things you're thankful for, try out this festive Apple Cider Margarita!


Safe travels if you're heading out of town for the holiday. If you're the one hosting, don't forget to check out some of our other fun Thanksgiving related ideas:

Looking for a new tradition with friends and family?

Bring in some super easy & festive candle holders to create ambience.

Make a super cute place card to wow your guests or if you're ambitious, try this table-scape.

Try incorporating mason jars for a rustic chic spin on holiday decorations & food presentation.

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