A new tradition

Growing up, one of the best parts about the weeks leading up to Christmas was getting a tree, decorating it as a family and admiring the glittering lights in anticipation. Now that we're all gown up, the fam has been more focused on the meaning of the holiday & the relationships that are so dear. While visiting a friend the other day, she mentioned that their family had made an effort to "make" a Christmas tree every year. This has granted them a memorable family tradition and allowed them to spend less. Not to mention that it has taken some emphasis away from the tree and put more emphasis on the importance of being generous to those less fortunate. The end product of this years creation was something the whole family could be proud of- still with all the lights and ornaments. 


Seeing how they were so creative with their "tree" was inspiring and a good challenge to not get wrapped up in having a grand color coordinated, themed tree and obsessing over all of the festive little details. This time of year is meant to be shared with loved ones, spend quality time and be generous with the ways we've been blessed.

Do you have any unique traditions to preserve the sweetness of the season?