Here comes the Bridesmaid

HELLO and happy Monday to you! What kind of shenanigans did you fill your weekend with? Along with celebratory drinks for a dear friend who is now a bride to be, this weekend was all about cleaning, catching up on sleep and talks of wedding plans. While contemplating bridesmaids dresses, we poured over possible retailers and remembered the reasonably priced gems that ModCloth offers. How great is this round up of pastel dresses, all of which are under $108!?! The re-wearability factor is ridiculously high too... aren't they adorable??

1: Sparkling Cider Dress: $54.99

2: Fancy Dinner Dress: $84.99

3: A Whispered Wish Dress: $107.99

4: Sugar Cookie Platter Dress: $74.99

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