Oh my Guinness!

It's FRIDAY!!! No, not just any ordinary Friday... the one before St. Patrick's Day! Growing up this holiday was always recognized {who want's to get pinched for not wearing green? Not I.} but it wasn't truly celebrated like it is here in Boston. All the festivities are unreal- the annual parade, the St. Patty's Day 5K in Southie, bars flooded with people covered head to toe in green, even morning drinking! No, this is not a holiday for the kids anymore and while many people in our beloved city aren't so concerned with "keeping it classy", we wanted to highlight some of our favorite classy ways to celebrate the day. This brings us to...desserts. Obviously desserts are classy, especially when they involve Guinness. :)

{Guinness Pudding} {Guinness Float} {Guinness Cake}

Let us know if you try out one of these delicious recipes this weekend! Happy St. Patty's Day!