Oh China!

Some days just require a little fancy flair to spice things up. This Monday is one of those days so we're filling up the french press with our favorite local roast {longingly dreaming of Cafe Vita Coffee- from Seattle} and sipping this newfound brew in fine china. Ah yes, this is one of the greatest ways to start a week that will be nothing short of conquered!!!


Something you might not know about me {Anna} is that for most of my adult life, one of my favorite sources of inspiration is scouring antique stores for vintage pieces. Any other antique fanatics out there?? You guys know the epic charge that I'm talking about, right? There is something so unique and romantic about finding that perfect piece, designed decades before by someone who caught inspiration from their culture & daily life. Truth be told, this fascination started when the mother of an ex-boyfriend rolled out her phenomenal collection of vintage cups & saucers- in an array of florals, bright colors, shapes and sizes. Each delicate, detailed piece was gifted to her by different friends and family at her bridal shower. LOVE that idea!! And to clarify, are we reminiscing about the ex? No. We're definitely only paying tribute to this fabulous mode of inspiration & one adorable idea for a bridal shower. :)