Holiday fave: Eggnog!

From the moment those festive little red cups debut at Starbucks, our seasonal fixation with eggnog begins. Eggnog lattes, mistos, milkshakes, cheesecake... from November- January, we can't seem to get enough. A few years ago, I attempted to make an eggnog buttercream frosting, which turned out decently, but I'm ready and willing to give up perfecting that eggnog frosting in order to try this recipe for Eggnog Cupcakes + Spiced Rum Buttercream Frosting! LOOK OUT!!


The downside to said obsession? When it's over, it's over... in years past, that day comes in January where we can't seem to bare the thought of consuming another eggnog flavored treat. Until then... we FEAST! If you're a fellow nog lover, we hope you try out {and enjoy} this recipe!!