Holiday Traditions

Now that the Christmas spirit is in full swing, we've got holiday traditions on the mind. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be sharing some of our faves and we're dying to know some of yours!! Ever since I {Anna} was little, my mom has chosen "ornaments of the year" to give to my brothers and I. This is the first gift we get to open, usually on Christmas eve and then we each find a spot for them on the tree. The idea was to help us build a collection of our own so that when we get married and have families of our own, we can take those memories {and the ornaments} with us. I had the honor of helping my mom choose this year's ornaments, and I must say that they're pretty stinkin' cute. My favorite part though?? Our new addition to the family ornament collection: one for my beau. :) Anyway, being her side-kick in this selection process got me thinking: if I were 100% charge of choosing, what would I go with? Something kitschy? Classic? Maybe something more on the elegant side? Here are some super cute ones that I'm digging...

{via West Elm}

{via Pottery Barn}

 {via Raw Bone Studio}

{via Crate and Barrel}

{via Pottery Barn}

 Okay, now that I shared one of my traditions, now it's your turn!!