Weekend Inspiration

The weekend is so close we can taste it! What do you have up your sleeves for the next three days?? Here's what we're up to... all the while, searching for inspiration in every beat.

Bundle up!

We laugh in the face of mother nature, who is fighting our desire to have fun! According to my weather app, it "feels like" 6 degrees and we will rise to the occasion to pile on layers of our warmest clothes and don some of the sassiest earmuffs we can find.


Crank up some good tunes!

Some super talented friends from Seattle are coming through to play a show in Boston. Needless to say, Emily & I are jumping up and down, excited to catch up with one of our dearest dudes, but we're {almost} equally as excited to get our dance on to the tunes of Allen Stone. Check him out!!! And, you're welcome.


Do Something Meaningful!

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. day, we're challenged to jump out of our comfort zone and serve others. Since 1994, MLK day has been recognized as a National Day of Service. Find a project in your area or be creative and come up with a way to serve others on your own! Either way, let's celebrate and honor the freedom and equality that Dr. King fought for.


Have a fabulous weekend!! xoxo