Weekend inspiration

Happy weekend, dear friends! What kind of shenanigans do you have up your sleeves these next few days? On our end, this is sure to be a weekend packed full of inspiration... between the massive amounts of snow we're expecting in Boston, Emily heading off to Pennsylvania {weather permitting} and me heading to Minnesota {yes, in the dead of winter}, we're full on anticipating the need for coziness.

Layer those sweaters!

Who'd have thought we'd ever get to this point?! Being a Seattle native, I'm pretty stinkin' nervous about getting owned by the chilly Minnesota temperatures so I'll be piling on sweaters in effort to not get frostbite. If you're somewhere that's expecting snow, join in the fun!


Have a cozy brunch!

Whether you're spending the weekend solo, with your honey or with your friends, make a delicious and carb filled brunch. Think of it as a mini-holiday and celebrate the fact that you can relax!


Make something rustic & wintery!

Tis the season for an easy DIY that is reminiscent of the great out doors, right?! We're loving these tree trunk coasters and it's a super easy craft for lazy weekend.


Happy relaxing!