Weekend Inspiration

Happy Friday! I'm not sure about you, but it's been a long week on my end. Emily has been holding the fort down while I've been fighting the flu. It's been such a bummer to miss out on all of the fabulousness of this week but I'm so thankful and excited to be back at it today! This weekend is going to be all about catching up on everything that was put on hold last week, as well as indulging in some of my favorite things

Get healthy!

Make sure you're taking your vitamins and sanitizing the heck out of everything you come in contact with. I'll be disinfecting this weekend, and to help my body recoup & recharge, I'll be sucking down some vitamin packed smoothies.


Beautify those hands!

With the nasty winter weather, we're in dyer need of a mani and some serious moisturizing on the hands. Why not go for something a little funkier than usual for the polish this time around?!


Snuggle up & read a book!

Find a spot that you've never been to and hunker down to dive into that book that's been waiting on your reading list for far too long. We have too many of these- it's embarrassing and it's high time to start carving out some hours to read. Not only is it great to help mellow out after a long week, but it promotes creativity AND {depending on what you read} you could learn a little something! We're dying to check out the Boston Athenaeum for a hopeful reading spot... though most of the floors are for members only, the first is open to the public. Isn't it an incredible spot?!


What do you have on the agenda this weekend?