Weekend Inspiration

Hallelujah, it's FRIDAY! Any fun weekend plans?! After a super busy week, in the Paper Moss world, we're launching into a crazy busy weekend, but in the midst of the insanity, there is still time to think outside of the box to ignite a little inspiration!!

Don some colored jeans!

Winter fashion can be tough and feel SUPER repetitive. You know what we're talking about, right?! Well Glamour Magazine makes some easy suggestions on how to spice up a winter ensemble and finding a seasonally appropriate way to rock the colored jeans has to be among our faves!


Visit the beach!

No I haven't lost my mind, but rather I'm exploring this new opportunity for inspiration. Over dinner the other night, a friend was mentioning how much he LOVED visiting the beach in the winter. I'm thinking... CRAZY! But the more I contemplate my insta-judgement, I realize that it could still be incredibly beautiful. While all of you in warmer climates laugh, I'm going to go find the beauty in some snow covered sand piles. Any east coasters care to join?


Sip some bubbly!

In our opinion, it's the ideal weekend to sip on a little bubbly. After having a surge of inspiration to make a Tuesday night champagne cocktail with a girlfriend, we discussed what a shame it is that we don't pop the bubbly more often. So alas, this recipe for a Raspberry Pomegranate champagne cocktail is on the list of weekend to-do's!


Happy weekending, lovelies!