The play by play

Today is the day, folks. The pictures are up and for those who haven't heard it, the story is ready to be told. Before we dive in, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Mikhail Glabets Photography for so beautifully capturing our special day!! On the Friday morning of April 26th, I started my 2 hour drive to the Ocean House for a supposed meeting with a client & her mother who were coming from London to tackle some wedding plans. I was especially excited for this meeting, as in my correspondence with the super sweet bride-to-be I loved her vision, I love her venue AND I just adore British accents.

Upon arriving at the Ocean House, I was greeted by Toni who tackles all of the beautiful weddings there. She explained that the sweet couple I would be meeting with was down at the private beach as part of their tour of the property. We headed down to the beach to make the introduction and just as we were passing the beachside restaurant, Toni recalled that she left something for the client in her office and needed to run back. She told me to take my heels off {to walk in the sand} and head over to the couple around the bluff to the left. Little did I know who was waiting there instead...

As I surveyed the beach, all I saw was someone crouching and a guy standing, facing my direction. Admittedly, it took awhile for me to realize that it was MY guy standing there, especially since he had a meeting that morning & was working on {and I was praying for} a big trade that he was hoping would go through that day. As I got closer, the confusion set in...
It was surreal to see the man of my dreams standing on a beach in one of my favorite places in the world, waiting for me. With a ring. AHHHH! I was beyond excited, but so confused: what about his meeting? His big trade? Who was the client I had been emailing with for weeks?! He sweetly responded that I was his big trade and he was my big client... with the help of Emily, they had made up a fake email account and everything! Needless to say, the questions all faded away when he got down on one knee...
I enthusiastically said YES to spending the rest of my life with him!!!
And then we celebrated, obviously!! Dan's sister, Jen was there recording the whole thing on her iPhone while Mikhail worked his magic documenting the best day of our lives. It couldn't have been more perfect and I am SO THANKFUL to have gorgeous pictures to capture this memory.

After the proposal, Jen & Mikhail headed back to Boston and Dan and I sat on the beach for a couple of hours taking in the moment. Lunch was waiting up in the Ocean House, along with congratulations from just about every person on staff, including Toni who helped make it all happen. We truly felt cared for & celebrated!! After lunch, I spent some time relaxing in the Ocean House spa {which I could rave about for hours, but I'll save that for another post} and then we headed back to Boston to celebrate with friends.

Please check out the rest of the pics over on Mikhail's blog!! And if you're soon to be engaged, there is nothing I would recommend more than having a stellar photographer {such as Mikhail} there to document the day!

Thanks for celebrating this exciting time with me!! And thank you to the Ocean House for making this day so sweet!! We are excited to have a special place to celebrate the many anniversaries ahead!

The future Mrs...

Hello & happy Monday! Last week, we mentioned  that there are some fun things brewing in the Paper Moss office and today I'm excited to get a little personal with y'all and kick off the week with one of the latest developments! My man {whom I refer to every so often} popped the question a week ago on Friday!!! I've been wanting to gush with you all about this development but needed to make sure that we called family and friends before we entered it into the blogosphere. While I'm waiting for the right time to share the story of our proposal, I will say that through some serious plotting & scheming, I was lured to one of my favorite places on earth: The Ocean House.


As if I wasn't already obsessed with this place, having the man of my dreams ask me to be his wife {on their private beach!} really sealed the deal. So until further notice when I can dish the details & share some photos by our dear friend Mikhail Glabets, here's a little selfie we snapped while sitting on the beach...

Stay tuned for the full, uber romantic story ;)

This weekend

Today is a day that we've been waiting for for what seems like an eternity. Wedding festivities for this precious couple begin tonight and people {myself included} are heading to San Diego from all over the world to celebrate their marriage. While our blog usually focuses on all things that inspire designs, today we just want to be corny and admit that sometimes good, old fashioned love & friendship is one of the greatest sources of inspiration. So in honor of Jasmine & Alex, we wanted to share this AMAZING photo from their e-session by Mikhail Glabets Photography! How cool is this?!


Whatever this weekend holds for you, we hope you're surrounded by love & friendship... and more importantly, we hope you forgive us for being so corny. :)

Save the Date

For those of you who are newly engaged and have Save the Dates on the mind, we are just in love with some of these fun ideas that would be so stinkin' cute on the front of a Save the Date postcard!!






Just LOVING these fun & unique ideas! Hope you feel inspired on this Wedding Wednesday! xo

Falling in love

Fall and winter have always seemed like such a romantic time to get engaged. There is something so magical about this time of year and having such a significant moment occur in the midst of it all would make it all the more incredible! Plus, how fun would it be to do an engagement shoot spotted over at Love and Lavender?!

Adoring this in every way!! What time of year did you get engaged & did you get to do any fun engagement shoots?

*Photos courtesy of Connection Photography

Sara & Stephen: She said yes

I {Anna} am super excited about today's post because we get to share an engagement shoot of none other than my brother and his lady. Stephen & Sara have been inseparable since October of 2009. Even as the protective little sister, I can honestly say that from the moment I met Sara, it was easy to see they were meant for each other. Really, I'm not sure who else could put up with his teasing and antics... and even dish it back to him the way she does! These two are disgustingly in love {little sister's perspective} and are truly best friends. The extraordinary Seattle based photographer, Ryan Flynn captured their adventurous and silly personalities to the tee. To any brides in the Pacific Northwest {he travels worldwide, too} that are looking for a photographer, be sure and check out Ryan Flynn Photography- not only does he take incredible photos, but he is a joy to work with!! Thanks to Ryan for sharing this e-session:

And my personal favorite... :)

34 days until the wedding... let the countdown continue!

*Photos courtesy of Ryan Flynn Photography