Mixing monochromatic patterns

We're undergoing a mini blog makeover right now and I'm sad to say we'll be taking a hiatus from Thuesday Purseday and Tuesday Shoesday! The good news is that we're planning to focus more on stationery, design and wedding related things, because let's be honest… that's what we do! :) I couldn't resist sneaking one more Purseday post however, since I'm dying over these gorgeously patterned bags from none other than Stella & Dot. If you know Paper Moss, you know that we LOVE mixing patterns and these designs are perfectly suited for the warmer weather headed our way!!!

Mercer Zip Wallet

Zippy Pouch Trio

The Jetset

What do you think? Don't you adore them?!

A cross body bargain

When my mom was in town the other weekend, we caught up on some much needed mother- daughter time. Along with that comes some serious shopping! Though we didn't make too much of a dent, we did end up with matching cross body bags- in different colors of course. Who'd have thought these beautiful bags made by Fossil would work just as well with my style, as much as my mommas style? My favorite part is the gold chain accent!


Couldn't resist sharing my new spring score! We snagged ours from Macy's during one of their ridiculous sales and it was a total bargain!! :)

Deux lux wanderlust

Even knowing that spring is FINALLY here makes way for hope of sunny days and warmer temps. While we're still getting the occasional snow storm in Boston {what the heck?!} I've been dreaming of warmer destinations {obviously Phuket made quite an impression} and weekend getaways. These little weekend bags from Deux Lux are just about too cute to pass up!

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Clutches on a budget

Leave it up to Nordstrom to have a killer selection of clutches that are easy to justify in the budget! Obviously it can be easy to get out of hand with handbag spending but for a trendy, statement piece, we think this is the best area to compromise. Save the splurges for a classic shape that you'll tote every day! Soooo back to the fun, affordable clutches… which one would you choose?!


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3 vegan bags you must have

There is nothing quite like finding a fashionable piece that is budget friendly, animal friendly AND won't get damaged by some rain drops. I spotted these bags the other day and absolutely love each and every one of them!! The only tough part about faux-leather is that it doesn't have the same lifespan as the real thing. Is that something you're willing to deal with when it comes to sporting a trendy bag?? Let us know what you think!



Freezing & fabulous

Winter hasn't even officially started and we're already getting antsy over this freezing weather. Luckily we've been blessed with some not-so-freezing days in between the ones in the single digits. You better believe that we're scouting for appropriate fashions to sport on those warmer days and this is one look that in our humble opinion is completely fabulous...


And of course, if you're loving that Michael Kors satchel, you can get it here! :)

A bag fit for resolutions

Hi friends!!!!! We sure missed you while we were away but hope you're settling into the New Year very nicely! Have you had a chance to make some resolutions for the year? I'm still working on mine, but one of them at the top of my list is to be more organized… in a lot of areas. ;) I'm happily and fashionably going to start with getting a new "work bag", with which I tote my laptop, files and other work related goodies all around town. Meet the classic Tate:


What goals or resolutions are at the top of YOUR list?

Go vintage glam for NYE

Lately we've been scoping out the perfect New Years Eve bag to complete a classic, yet playful look. There are so many cute bags out there but there is something so romantic about toting a vintage piece, don't you agree? Just wondering the story behind it is enough in and of itself, but also the care and time put into the intricate detailing adds a charm that is so hard to find these days!


Have you decided on your overall look {or your handbag} for the evening? Please share!!