The power of choosing

Not only do we love the trend of bridesmaids all wearing different {yet still coordinating} dress styles, but we're huge fans of letting the ladies choose their own shoes. If they act wisely, giving the gals the power to choose their own shoes can keep their feet in prime condition for celebrating, dancing and not to mention… pampering the bride!!! This line up of soft pink & nude heels is such a fun wedding day photo!


Photo courtesy of Shipra Panosian Photography.

A walk in the garden

If you've ever slipped your feet into a pair of Jeffrey Campbell flats, you know they're super comfy and there's a good chance they're friggin adorable. We started swooning over the floral embellishment & beadwork on this sweet pair of white leather ballet flats and feeling extra springy with all the flowers around us blooming is making us love them EVEN MORE!


Our opinion aside, what do you think- would you ever wear floral flats?!

Rainy Day Style

'Tis a rainy morning in Boston and we're all suited up accordingly. I'm not sure about you but though spring just began, I'm already sick of my rain boots and umbrella selection. This adorable combo popping with patterns would be a refreshing way to welcome the drops, don't you think?

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You can't go wrong with any of Joules' super cute rain boots! We just have to get through the next few weeks and then clear skys and ballet flats are in our future!!!

Good investing

If you haven't heard already, you ABSOLUTELY MUST get in the loop on the best investment for your feet: Tieks! These bright blue soles are the most comfortable ballet flat that your feet will ever meet. Made of soft leather {with vegan options available} these slipper- like- shoes are portable to pop in your work bag for the commute home, but stylish enough for everyday wear.

There are just so many fun colors & textures to choose from! Where would you start… do where did you start?! ;)

Not just jeans

We've been long time lovers of Joe's Jeans- it's hard not to be a sucker for premium denim, especially when they fit like a dream! While on the search for some springtime looks, we noticed these adorable suede heels by Joe's, paired with some cuffed denim and a blouse. A perfect pair for warmer weather, don't you think?!


Timeless peep toes

In all of our wedding wandering {from blogs to Pinterest to talking with brides}, we see an infinite number of wedding shoes. These sparkly bowed, peep toes by Valentino take the cake for one of my all-time favorite pairs. They'd perfectly suit bridal styles ranging from classic to uber feminine, don't you think?


Happy Shoesday!!

Skimming your way to Spring

Another cold day in Boston has us day dreaming of warmer weather flats… using the term "warmer weather" loosely, of course. Anything over 40 degrees would be lovely! The brilliant designers over at Madewell are adding salt to the wound with their super cute collection of skimmers.

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I really have my eye on #1 but would gladly take one of each of these pairs. Which would you choose?

Becoming well versed

Women's fashion can be quite complicated- from sizing to styles... to the sizing of different styles, washable textiles vs. dry clean only… fearing how things will change & morph over time. When it comes to shoes, we want to pass along this handy tool that can help you be well-informed as you seek to expand your collection of heels. We think it's most helpful to plan a shopping trip to put your new knowledge into practice! ;)


Oh hey Lawrence!

Over the weekend we had a chance to catch up on some long overdue window shopping. There's something so relaxing about sipping on a latte and perusing shops, don't you agree? Checking in on Coach's latest was definitely a highlight- and though it's nothing new to their collection, the {currently on SALE} Lawrence heel caught our eyes. These sleek little kitten heels are just the right height AND that gold buckle-like embellishment dresses up the pointy toe. Our favorite little detail however is the gold sole peeking through the bridge of the heel! It's all in the details!! :)


Check out the plaid version too!

A better foundation

Strutting around in some brand new heels can be pretty fun, right ladies? That is, until the day is over and the newness is replaced with swollen, aching feet. Today's shoesday pick doesn't promise to skip over the "break in" phase, but they do promise soft leather, arch support and a stable chunky heel to help you put your best foot forward. I don't know about you, but we're loving this long lost style and all signs are pointing to a perfectly comfortable shoe!


Tell us what you think!!

One pair you can't do without

As a lady, one thing on the top of our fashion "necessities" list is a good pair of nude heels. Make them sassy or conservative- whatever suits your style, but nude is one neutral that you just can't go without!! This pair of Louboutin's are perfectly feminine with those pretty bows atop the heels… they've got us dreaming of waltzing around the city in those red soles!


Do you have a pair of nude heels that you can't do without? What is your favorite part of them??

Liven Up Your Loafers


We saw some warmer temperatures yesterday in Boston (can I get a whoop whoop for a solid 54 degrees!?) and it got me thinking about normal shoes. If I'm being honest, any time I have to wear my ridiculous snow boots around, I dream of normal shoes. Penny loafers and skimmers and open toed sandals.... Ah. Until then, I've got my eye on some of these adorable loafers (and the like) from ASOS.

Which is your favorite?

Tuesday Shoesday

Today as I'm pretending it's not freezing and snow-covered outside, the Paper Moss office is swooning over this gorgeous shot of silver sling backs and a sapphire engagement ring. What a stunning photo to capture this brides day!


Did you get a photo of your wedding shoes? If you're in the midst of wedding planning, be sure and add that to the shoot list for your photographer!!

Lacing up for winter

Yesterday we had our first sighting of snow in Boston. Yep, I awoke to seeing the Common with a light dusting and ran downstairs just in time to walk to the office in slush. 'Tis the season, right?! :) With more snowy days ahead and round 2 of snowfall today, I'm mourning the loss of wearing cute shoes but desperately trying to come up with ways to spice up the ordinary "winter survival" attire. While I think these fair aisle stockings are adorable, I don't quite think I can pull them off… what do you think?!


All the little dots

Oh me, oh my have you started your holiday shopping yet?! Perhaps it's because our office is located in the heart of some fabulous Boston shopping, but it seems that everyone is getting an early and aggressive start on things. As I've been perusing stores and websites alike, I must say how much I'm appreciating all of the polkadots that are festively hanging around. Have you been catching on to this as well? I'm a sucker for dots myself, and as soon as I spotted this little number on the Glitter Guide, it re-ignited my obsession. Hence today's shoesday pick would be these darling stilettos by Monolo Blahnik:


Craving more dots? Check out this cashmere infinity scarf at Nordys! Such a steal!

Cozy Up

I'm not gonna lie: this week has been awesome so far, but today is the "hump day" of this holiday week and oh heavens am I ready for the weekend! I know you know what I mean. ;) A little bit of coziness, lots of laughing with friends, new twists on traditional recipes… we have some good times in store these next few days! I'm not hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year {a huge THANK YOU to my dear friend Courtney who is!} so the hubs and I are planning & anticipating a lazy morning full with pajamas, slippers, spiked coffee and movies! Can you blame me for a Tuesday Shoesday detour?!