Gearing up for V-Day

We're especially excited for Valentines Day this year. Perhaps it's because of all of the snow that we're clinging to that special day for something to look forward to? Maybe it's because everything having to do with it comes in shades of bright red, pink and {now} glittery golds, which all happen to be very happy colors if you ask us. :) Valentines week is here and here is a round up of festive & fun ideas!


Write some love notes to friends, family and your significant other so they know how much you appreciate them!


ake some sweet treats! Try a festive spin on your favorite cookie recipe or if you're really up for a challenge, try your hand at some French macarons like these!!


This conversation heart balloon DIY is not only super cute, but you can customize a message… get creative!


You can never have too many candles and this adorable ombre DIY would make a sweet gift or a great addition to any room!!

Have a fabulous Monday, friends!!!