Painting Florals

How is everyone fairing after the blizzard yesterday?? In Boston, the entire city was forced to stay indoors on Tuesday, working from home to beat any potential power outages! Luckily, the power stayed on.

Snow days like yesterday always remind me of rainy days. Growing up in California, we didn't get snow, but we would get torrential downpour, forcing us kids to play inside. Those days meant craft days; sewing, painting, collaging! Anything to keep us preoccupied until the sun came out and we could go outside. As an adult, I normally stick to painting.

Designing, to me, means so much more than text on a computer, laid out perfectly with enough white space and balance. It also means having the knowledge to break out of borders and recreate structures. This is why I love painting. I posted a little while ago about working on watercolors (if you missed it, check it out here), and have been lucky enough to get to continue to incorporate watercolor and other paint mediums i.e.: Gouache!

Since our last post, we have created patterns for holidays cards for some amazing vendors, entered a Minted design challenge using watercolor floral designs, and so much more. It is so rewarding to incorporate different techniques into designing. We are loving it at Paper Moss.

So stay tuned and see what we come up with next!