Gold rush

While juggling the tasks of wedding planning and preparation, one of the things that has seemed most daunting is registry for housewares. Where do we begin? Now we're supposed to put together a list of things that {hopefully} compliment each other, in effort to create our new home together. I've been living the single life for decades and have taken every opportunity to create a home consisting of all things feminine and elegant. As I start to think about nesting with my man, I'm determined to maintain a chic style, now paired with some sort of rustic manliness? Yea it sounds impossible, however I'm hoping that by incorporating bits of gold with simple colors and varying textures, we can make this happen... or at least come close. Here are a few ideas that got my wheels turning:

1- Triple Tiered Pendant Shade

2- Giant Dot Rug

3- LOVE sign

4- Gold shelf DIY 

5- Sparkle Throw Pillow

6- Gold Dot Sheets

7- Studded Stacking Bowls

Those who have already been down this road, how have you found a happy medium?! Any tips?