Weekend Inspiration

Hey friends! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! Is it just me or did this week seem like it was a month long?! I mean, it felt like a fabulous & productive month, but a month none the less. :) On to more fun things, what do you have planned for the weekend? Since I am heading to Seattle to dig into wedding plans, our weekend inspiration is appropriately laced with some hipster flavor.

Find some new tunes

Hit up the local record store and scour the shelves for new music! This was a regular occurrence when I lived in Seattle, but now I just miss it. Searching through old records, looking at the album art work and wondering the story behind each disk... it's all so inspiring! Give it a try!!


Chill out with some ice cream

Well it probably won't be hot in the pacific northwest, where I'm headed, HOWEVER there are some incredible ice cream shops that I've been dreaming of lately and will happily be visiting. Molly Moon's is first on the list and since you can't join me (unless you're in the greater Seattle area, in which case CALL ME!) you can check out the deliciousness on the pages of their recipe book, which can be found in your local Anthro store. Don't deprive yourself of joy: get your hands on a copy! And in case you're wondering, this is what I'll be eating...


Be adventurous

While the weather is nice, go soak up some sun, get some fresh air and enjoy the opportunity to relax!!


Happy weekending!