Meet Jennifer

Being that jewelry and paper are two of our favorite things, we figured it was only fitting to dress up some of our Paper Moss creations with sparkly jewels and pearls. The creation and namesake of this very blog was motivation for the photo shoot done by photographer, Jennifer Doumato Lamy of Zenobia Photography Studios. While taking this opportunity to share some of the gorgeous pics, we figured this would be the perfect time to introduce our first "Vendor Profile". Be sure and check out her website and her blog to see that she is a phenomenal photographer of weddings, events, portraits... and now, paper.

Name: Jennifer Doumato Lamy
Profession: Photographer,  Zenobia Photography
Years in profession: 9
Based out of: East Greenwich
Area you serve: The world... we've shot destination weddings and editorial work nationally and internationally
  • What's your favorite part about photographing a wedding? Seeing everything and everyone come together for the bride and groom. They've spent so much time and thought planning the perfect day!
  • Your top 3 venues to shoot at and why: Mt. Hope Farm - I love the rustic farm look; Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA - love shooting in the gallery, the ultra modern lobby & in general the town of Salem; The State Room - the view!
  • Where's your late night stop for food after a long wedding/shoot? Haven Brothers!
  • Craziest nightmare you've ever had before/after a wedding? Mediating a fight between the moms, the bride, and bridesmaids right before leaving for the ceremony!
  • When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? A mom 
  • The most inspiring person you know? My mom
  • In high school you... Partied! {Ohhhh, didn't we all??}

Here are some more photos from the Pearls for Paper shoot... enjoy!!

*Jewelry provided by Dugan Custom Jewelers