National Donut Day!

As a little girl, there was nothing better than scoring a pink, frosted donut covered with sprinkles. It's a good go-to. Well in the past few years, donuts have become the new "cupcake" and we're LOVING all of the specialty shops that feature creative flavor combos. Voodoo Donuts in Portland, Oregon happens to be my favorite spot. If you ever have the chance, PLEASE go there and try their crazy flavors! In celebration of this national holiday, we put together a round of delicious recipes that we're dying to try making at home:

Recipes are in order of appearance, from left to right: French Breakfast Donuts | Strawberry Shortcake | Devils Food | Rock Candy | Vermont Maple

If you're pumped to celebrate and want to do so by NOT baking, here are 6 places that are handing out free donuts today! Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

Featured: Sarah & Mike

Sarah & Mike had quite the fairytale wedding. With the Ocean House setting the stage for their weekend of festivities, this adorable couple wed at the chapel across the street and had a tented reception on the lawn. Think crystal chandeliers and sheets of sheer white fabric hanging inside a sperry tent. Candlelight with black, white, gold, soft pinks and so on. Style Me Pretty just featured this amazing day, so please {pretty please} take a look! We promise you'll be inspired!!!


And because we can't help it, here are some GORGEOUS shots of just a few of Sarah & Mike's paper goods, snapped by the lovely, Leila Brewster:


And to further convince you to check out the full feature, here is a peek into the tent...


Getting Our Gold On

Getting an office together is tough work! We share the space with a few other vendors, so we have been bouncing ideas off each other to get this place looking fabulous! Obviously we are really into gold. ;) We are still figuring out how to incorporate shelving and frames into the space, so naturally Pinterest has been a great source of inspiration.  This little board is definitely going in the right direction!

HOW TO: Freshen Up Twenty Fourteen

Let's start out 2014 feeling fresh and ready, okay? After some conversation in the office, we decided that there are a few little things that you can do at the start of the year that can make a big difference in how you feel. Some of them are simple things like cleaning your makeup brushes, and others have a bit more richness- like grabbing a good read and going away for a while. Here is a list to get you started:

1) Revamp your beauty routine. The first thing you should do is clean your makeup brushes, or get new ones entirely. Try out a new face mask. Fresh is my personal favorite. Their products are incredibly light and fresh! (shocker..)

2) Do a juice cleanse. If you don't have a juicer, your local grocery store probably has some. Whole Foods carries BluePrintJuice, the no-hassle approach to juice detoxing. They have entire packages catered to specific needs, with one for each day. Make sure to get a workout in too- I know that I need to be better about that this year! (where does the time go…)

3) Be inspired by literature. I Am Malala is a book written by Malala herself, telling her story of how she stood up to the Taliban and fought for her right to education. People are truly incredible when they put their mind to it. Make sure to be inspired by someone's courage in a book or a film this year. You could be next.

4) Write down all of your goals and dreams for the year. It helps to see it out on paper and plan accordingly. This super cute paper from Anthropologie should get you writing in no time.

5) Freshen up your living space. Grab some new sheets. I love fresh linens! West Elm has a great selection. Also, grab some new socks and undergarments. Maybe even throw in a bracelet or two. Feel renewed. (and a little pampered. ;) )

Fit For A Hostess


Success! A fun and happy weekend! Both Anna's got to dress up and hit up some Holiday parties this weekend. T'was great fun. I even broke out the red lipstick. As you head to your festive get togethers over the next few weeks, take a little something for the hosts if you can! It is a great way to say thank you for their hospitality and keep the Christmas spirit alive and well. My personal favorite on that list are the caramels-wow do I love a good salted caramel. I mean, in case you ever need to know... ;)

A Holiday Playlist


Firstly, I have to confess that I am actually bummed that there isn't snow here in Boston yet. We have at least had a dusting by this point! Nope- nada, niente, nil. A little snow makes everything feel a bit more Christmas like, don't you think? Alas, I'll have to settle for these gray, snowless days. With or without the white stuff, Christmas music is most definitely still being played! We've made a little Holiday playlist to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Happy Weekend!

Dish Jams


Playlist two is here just in time for Thanksgiving! This was made purely for dish-cleaning fun. I guarantee you that your post-turkey-day clean up with be significantly more fun if you dance to this while scrubbing.

This little guy is full of oldies but goodies like Sam Cooke, Etta James, and The Jackson 5. Grab a dish towel and put on your dancing shoes. Doing the dishes has never been so fun.

Wedding Wednesday: It's All In The Details

We are in the process of doing some Spring Cleaning (...I know it's freezing out right now, just go with it.) on our Pinterest profile, and it has got me thinking way more about my (someday) special day than normal. I've been obsessing over those little detailed shots- the ones that capture the little moments that you wouldn't otherwise notice. And as per usual, I made a mood board- because who doesn't love looking at pretty things?  You can see all of these shots, and more, over on our Pinterest board!

Weekend Inspiration

It's been an exciting week and I hope yours has been equally as wonderful as mine! This weekend, let's be 100% devoted to finding inspiration through relaxing and re-charging, shall we?

Turn up those tunes

Make a new playlist or Spotify station with songs that inspire and relax. I don't know about you, but whenever I carve out time to just chill and listen to music, I feel all sorts of refreshed. And obviously I advocate for this to be done while sipping coffee... or tea if that's your thing. :)



Go for a walk and try to make it during sunrise or sunset to see the world illuminated in a light that we rarely make time to appreciate. It even SOUNDS refreshing, don't you think? Just do it, you know you want to!



Take in a nice view

In my case, it will be something beachy but wherever you're at whether surrounded by mountains, a lake or in the middle of a booming city, seek out a beautiful spot and spend some time in silence. No looking at instagram or Facebook, OK? Just breathe and relax...


Happy weekending!

Color Crush: pink + gold + peach

I'm totally digging soft color palettes right now and truth be told, it still baffles me that I would be the one incorporating the color blush into my wedding. Being the only girl with 2 older brothers, I desperately tried to fight the stereotype that pink should be my favorite color. I was so adamant about it that by the end of my time in elementary school, I hated the color. Oh how things have changed, my friends. I'm eager to embrace all things soft and romantic so let's kick off this week with some gorgeous warm hues- highlighting the summery palette of pink + gold + peach. Enjoy!

{via/ via/ via/ via/ via}

Hammocks & High Tea

If you've been following us for awhile, you know how I LOVE clutches. Well today friends, get ready to see something amazing!! I can hardly believe it's taken this long to stumble upon it, but I'm in love with this reversible fold-over  clutch by Hammocks & High Tea!! Completely adorable, isn't it? And the fact that it's 2 purses on one makes $199 price tag seem a little more reasonable.


If you're not digging the gold & black chevron, here are some of their other colors & patterns:

Happy purseday!

Make your weekend lovely!

Alas the weekend is upon us and we've got grand plans for an office work day, errands and catching up on cleaning. Hopefully you have some fun plans to relax and celebrate the weekend! For now, we leave you with some words of wisdom and a little challenge {should you choose to accept it} for the days of the weekend:


Mint to be

In the next week or two, we're expecting a beautiful mint and gold invitation suite to come back from print. Seeing these preppy, classy designs evolve was SO FUN and it's got me thinking about this color combo a lot lately. While I wait in anticipation for this job to arrive at the Paper Moss office, it's only appropriate to share these cool, minty wedding shoes that are making me want them for my own! Enjoy these pretty peep toes for now and I'll certainly be sharing more about said stationery in the future!!


Merci beaucoup

A few months ago we had the chance to meet up with Jacqueline Weppner, the beauty behind Merci New York. Can I just tell you, this woman is inspiring?! Along with being incredibly sweet, she founded & operates a {New York based} company that offers styling services for brides, an inspiration-packed blog and a lovely little online style shop. Today's Purseday pick is straight from their shop. This coral python clutch is begging to be in my closet but really, any color would do. ;) I just love the versatility of this little bag and one of my favorite parts... you can choose between vintage inspired brooches for the front closure!! Oh details!


To all of you brides reading this, if you're looking for a chic, flawless wedding style, hook up with Merci New York! And, if you haven't checked out their blog yet, it's a must!

Ready to carpe diem!

Oh hello! How was your weekend? After a fabulous little get away to Lake Winnipesaukee, we're back and ready to tackle the grand to-do list that has been waiting for us in Boston. It's already apparent that this is going to be one of those weeks where we up the coffee  intake and carpe diem!


So at the start of this wonderful week, we want to know what motivates you in the mornings or really, any time of the day? What inspires you to carpe diem?

SMART Resolutions!

HAPPY 2013!!! We hope that you had a fabulous holiday season & a grand entrance into the new year. It's going to be a beautiful year! While most people probably make their resolutions prior to the clock hitting midnight, we're still putting the finishing touches on ours, each being in categories ranging from relational, financial, spiritual, professional and physical. Alas, we'll have to start them next week, but it's OK! This year, it's not about checking off the box to make sure that we ______ {fill in the blank} every day or reach all of our lofty goals in the first 2 months, but rather, 2013 is about a heart and mindset change.


So as we think about our goals, we're making every effort to not to get trapped in ambiguity, thus leaving room for failure. Yes, this year we're going to make sure they're SMART.

Specific {be as concise as possible}

Measurable {find a way to measure your success}

Action oriented {make a list of steps to achieve}

Realistic {be practical so you can be successful}

Time Based {have a starting point & ending point}

Have you heard of this before?! If not, get a better picture of how to map out those goals and jump on board with us!!!


While chatting with some of our most fashion savvy friends the other day, they mentioned that one hot trend for fall is studs. We're probably in the "slow adapter" category when it comes to fashion and this is one of those things that will take some warming up to. Blaire from Atlantic-Pacific however, is absolutely ROCKING these Valentino kitten heels...


 Paired with a chic, edgy, feminine ensemble, this seems doable. Maybe.


What do you think: will you bring the sass this season and give in to the trend... or will you pass?

A Little Less Clutter

This summer we have been busy getting organized and have found it to be so refreshing!! It’s amazing how a few changes can make all the difference. I may be one of the few who loves to organize, especially when I find an incredibly awesome storage system or product, but it’s more likely due to the fact that I can never seem to remember where exactly I put   fill in the blank  . It’s a task that can often seem too daunting to start but getting organized doesn’t have to be all work and no play. I know for me, that finding a great product or DIY project makes it feel a lot less like a chore and rather something I want to do. It’s an excuse to have fun and be productive, and it always feels so good afterwards! That sounds like a win-win situation. So whether it’s trying have a little less clutter in your kitchen to your closet, or figuring out how long a bag of food has been in the freezer, these are a few fun and easy ideas and products to make your life a little more organized.

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What’s on your list to sort through these days??