A Thanksgiving DIY: Watercolor Place Cards


We have had a lot of fun in the office lately! Styling, brainstorming, painting...you name it! The creative juices have been flowing and we are loving it. Seeing as Thanksgiving is just around the corner (less than a week!) we wanted to get a little something together for you guys. These watercolor place cards are so sweet and festive- and as any DIY should be, simple.

All you need is:

watercolor brush (I used BLICK studio, 14)

maroon watercolor paint (or red/brown)

place cards (you can find these at Paper Source)

gold calligraphy paint pen


1. First, gather your supplies. Make sure to get plenty of place cards. You will want to practice, and have some backups in case of mistakes or misspellings!

2. If you can, work with these on an angled surface. It allows the paint to travel wherever the water goes, and it just makes painting easier!

3. Paint using different shades by varying the amount of water you use. Make sure to add a touch of a darker shade (less water) to the card.

4. When the cards are dry, use the gold calligraphy pen to write your guests names down on each card.

Other than that, these little guys are up to you! Practice makes perfect- have fun with it!



Happy Weekend!!