HOW TO: Freshen Up Twenty Fourteen

Let's start out 2014 feeling fresh and ready, okay? After some conversation in the office, we decided that there are a few little things that you can do at the start of the year that can make a big difference in how you feel. Some of them are simple things like cleaning your makeup brushes, and others have a bit more richness- like grabbing a good read and going away for a while. Here is a list to get you started:

1) Revamp your beauty routine. The first thing you should do is clean your makeup brushes, or get new ones entirely. Try out a new face mask. Fresh is my personal favorite. Their products are incredibly light and fresh! (shocker..)

2) Do a juice cleanse. If you don't have a juicer, your local grocery store probably has some. Whole Foods carries BluePrintJuice, the no-hassle approach to juice detoxing. They have entire packages catered to specific needs, with one for each day. Make sure to get a workout in too- I know that I need to be better about that this year! (where does the time go…)

3) Be inspired by literature. I Am Malala is a book written by Malala herself, telling her story of how she stood up to the Taliban and fought for her right to education. People are truly incredible when they put their mind to it. Make sure to be inspired by someone's courage in a book or a film this year. You could be next.

4) Write down all of your goals and dreams for the year. It helps to see it out on paper and plan accordingly. This super cute paper from Anthropologie should get you writing in no time.

5) Freshen up your living space. Grab some new sheets. I love fresh linens! West Elm has a great selection. Also, grab some new socks and undergarments. Maybe even throw in a bracelet or two. Feel renewed. (and a little pampered. ;) )