Evolution of an invitation

Anything custom requires more time and attention than something mass-produced. In fashion-speak, it's the "haute couture" of stationery, while pre-made designs are equivalent to the ready-to-wear. Paper Moss has been custom since its first breath. There is something so satisfying about working with clients to make their vision a reality. The design process goes through many "renovations" to finally achieve the look that our brides and grooms are dreaming of. When we first sat down with {bride to be} Mary Jo, she mentioned her love of Paris and the time she spent abroad. As the conversation evolved and we learned more about her and her honey, it only seemed natural to aim for a "Vintage Parisian" look for their invitation suite... without being cliche. Since we all needed a little inspiration, she sent these photos to inspire designs:

After identifying their color palette, discussing fonts, deciding on the type and weight of paper and getting a general idea of what they wanted, designs for Mary Jo and Paul began. In the first round, we included several options that the bride and groom evaluate and give feedback on. We pulled characteristics from one and add them to another, flip things around, make one design smaller or another less detailed... the list goes on! Here are some of their initial designs:

Sparing the details of the back and forth, the questions, the answers, the tweaking, the perfecting, the printing and yadda yadda, you get the point... their final product fit the bill! PUN intended! Our bride and groom both adored their invitation suite and we were gladly able to accommodate the budget they were working with.

And here is their final "Vintage Parisian" wedding invitation...

And that friends, is how a custom invitation evolves!

*Invite photos courtesy of Laura Ashbrook Photography