Champagne, champagne!

Celebrations call for champagne! Lets be honest, a little bit of bubbly is festive, fun and really gets the party started. With candy bars and dessert bars becoming commonplace at special events, we have a new "bar crush" on CHAMPAGNE COCKTAIL BARS! Even the name sounds fluffy and delicious!!

Lifestyle and entertainment expert, Kelley Moore takes the complication out of putting one together when she unveils chic options for stemware, delicious types of champagne {not being a champagne connoisseur, this section is ever - so - helpful} and last, some tasty concoctions that will excite those taste buds! As for how to display the table, treat it like any other buffet, varying heights, sizes and colors. Pop over to Kelley Moore's website to get the full scoop on how to do it like a pro.

If you're looking for a quick way to add flair, consider one of these ideas from Martha:

{By soaking sugar cubes in fruit puree or concentrate, removing and letting them dry over night, you'll have instant bursts of flavor to pop in the glasses}

{Swap out your standard orange juice with blood orange juice for a unique twist}

Whether you're celebrating a shower, birthday soiree or a wedding... it's better with a little bubbly! Enjoy!

*Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Living